Education is human right. Knowledge is common good.

This is a collection of educational materials on FLOSS+art&design tools, histories, cultures and methodologies.

As this resource grows, diversity of pedagogical methods and structured approach alternatives will grow too, thus insuring relevant information is communicated in logical progression.

In keeping with the ethos of area of study, all content is released under GPL license and collaboratively produced. Feel free to use, manipulate, distribute accordingly.


FLOSS in art and design represent a set of tools and practices which are based on methodologies and processes of content production and distribution adopted from Free software development and engineering. It is culture and practice which seeks to address contemporary production of authentic creative output whilst rethinking concepts of authorship and originality as conceived in pre-digital age. It is most commonly based on set of copyleft licenses and community practices. The concept of copyleft uses principles of copyright law to preserve the right to use, modify and distribute code or content. Today this idea finds application in range of creative practices such as open video, libre graphics, open hardware, free type, thus creating need to study not only the tools but also methods of this way of working. FLOSS in art and design ranges from engagement with software development community to building own tools and releasing its source code/content for use and manipulation, establishing innovative approaches to creative production.

This material is created to support artists and designers in their exploration of FLOSS culture, theory and practice.